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Salon Gift Cards: Win Your Customer’s Trust

--- Written by Lokaci Team

Salon Gift Cards: Win Your Customer’s Trust
Due to the COVID19 situation, people are going out only if needed. The wanderlust has been restrained.  They are preferring to go to places where they are sure of getting what they want or where safety is guaranteed. 
There are methods to guarantee safety at your salon and show it to customers like these. But the marketing for your salon is still required and very much important. 
Lokaci brings Salon Gift Cards for Salons to reach their customers in a digital, personal, and creative way. And it is absolutely free to try. 
With this feature, salons can make custom salon gift cards for free on their mobile app in just 10 minutes. They can share the Cards with their customers and earn even during the lockdown.
So sell the Gift Cards and earn for your salon while also retaining the customers.

What is a Salon Gift Card?
A card/voucher that can be purchased by a customer at a price and can be used to avail the services worth the amount mentioned on the card.

For example:
Yash buys a Gift Card of 2000 top-up from Star Salon for just Rs.1500. Yash can use this card in Star Salon to get services up to Rs.2000. So Yash spent only Rs.1500 and will get the service(s) of Rs.2000.
Yash purchased this card during the lockdown. 
So he guaranteed a discount at Star Salon for him when the salon opens. 
And Star Salon got some earning during lockdown even when the salon is closed.

Make your Salon Gift Card for free and get the customers engaged with your salon only.
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