Delhi | Introducing Corona Proof Salon Services

Lokaci introduces Sanitized Salon Tags for Corona free Salon experience

--- Written by Lokaci Team

Introducing Corona Proof Salon Services:

The threat of Community spread is looming, the COVID19 pandemic seems to be affecting our lives for at least an year . Waiting has already proved to be futile and it is time to move forward. The nation has to start functioning while also keeping safe. This is the inevitable challenge that every industry faces right now.

Serving the salon industry for more than 2 years now and being one of the few entrepreneurial ventures of the industry, Lokaci understands it as the team's reponsibility to coin an innovative solution. In its endeavors of keeping the staff and customers safe, the company aims to bring the salon community together.

Lokaci launches Sanitized Salon Tag for salons that are well equipped to ensure no one gets infected inside the salon premises.
The aim is to serve the people of Delhi with salon facilities while keeping them safe. Only the qualified salons shall be awarded the tag.
The qualifications are formulated by strictly following the WHO guidelines of sanitization, hygiene, quarantine and distancing.

Lokaci encourages and invites all the salons to apply for the tag as the safety must reach as many as possible. The executive team guides every salon to become eligible for the qualification. The team believes the best possible way to fight the situation is coming together and strives to do that in the salon community.