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Quality Redefined at IIT Delhi

--- Written by Lokaci Team

Quality had been a problem for a while at SAC Salon of IIT Delhi. The facility was installed on the campus with the aim of providing quality service without having to go out and waste time. As time passed new trends took over but the methods of the SAC salon stagnated and ultimately got outdated. The result was dissatisfaction among the new crops of students leading to a decline in business and staff retention. Ravi Das, the owner of the facility received several complaints and decided to revamp everything. In the middle of all this, a LOKACI executive contacted Ravi and that was the beginning of the change. The salon worked on its hygiene, updated its services and started receiving real-time bookings via LOKACI. SAC Salon now is managed by Naim, a veteran men stylist from Vasant Vihar and now provides better services. While the salon is at the top of its game in terms of hygiene, it still has room for improvement with its quality partly due to the subsidized prices. But with better stylists coming in, better communication, the quality will only get better from here.