Delhi | Sector 7 Dwarka Delhi, 15 September 2019

Lokaci comes to Ramphal Chowk

--- Written by Lokaci Team

Sector 7 Dwarka Delhi, 15 September 2019:
If there is one place where salons of every kind, in terms of price, quality or any other thinkable aspect, are available, it is the Ramphal Chowk of Dwarka. The place is brimming with salons of all variety. Taste of this diversity was added to LOKACI today. Even with so many salons there was no dearth of clientele. The place is eminent for salons, people from nearby area seeking quality keep the salons running. A combination of good quality, hospitality and fair price was what the ideal trait to seek for. The team found exactly that in the newly opened S J Salon. The unisex salon had gained good reputation in the short time it had operated in. The team witnessed how well the staff handled a young family of three. Javed, an experienced professional stylist very enthusiastically explained how he started the salon with the vision of making people look beautiful and happy. Javed has forged a team of young stylists that appeared diligent and were guided by the owner. One stylist that did not need any guidance was Felix, the pièce de résistance of the salon staff. A veteran himself, Felix had joined S J Salon after working with almost all the popular brands. The reason was simple, the freedom Javed gave him to do the job he loves. Felix was quick to recognize the value LOKACI is adding and welcomed the idea. Another veteran that loved our idea was Seema Sharma. Seema has been running Alixx Beauty Salon for about 10 years and had long been looking for a solution to the hectic schedule and inefficient call appointment system. So with the trust of experts, the service in  Ramphal Chowk began.