Delhi | Support the Lockdown: No Bookings till 31st Marc

Due to COVID-19, Booking service is stopped till 31st March

--- Written by Lokaci Team

Support the Lockdown: No Bookings till 31st March
With whole world suffering from the pandemic COVID-19, the situation is as critical as never seen in almost a century. While the country where the virus originated, China, has started gaining some control, they have already dealt a great deal of damage. What is more ominous is the situation going out of hands in other countries like Italy, Germany and Iran. Death toll in Italy has risen by 1000 times in the matter of a couple of weeks.

India is going into the 4th week of novel Corona virus. To avoid facing similar fate, government has declared lockdown in 30 states.
It is advised to all the salons on Lokaci or not on Lokaci to support the lockdown and contribute in stopping the virus spread.

Lokaci officially anounces that all the Booking Services are stopped till 31st March 2020. The date may extend with the extension of lockdown announced by the government.

Refer the following official link from WHO to know how to prepare and keep yourself safe:
This is the official international advisory, follow it very closely.
We would also recommend not to trust on the remedies shared on social media.

Stay safe, Stay at Home
Team Lokaci