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Join the Lokaci Influencer Program with a qualifying YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook account.

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Get your referral code after creating account and use it to recommend to people in your circle.

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Use your referral CODE to easily guide your friends/followers to your recommendations, all in one spot.

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When customers shop through your referrals, you earn money on qualifying purchases.

Meet other Influencers

Deepak Rajpoot

“I have a big friends circle which means party or treat every other week. I earned from them and spent on them. Already recommended to another friend.”

Jaskaran Sokhi
Amity, Noida

“It is a great jugaad for my weekly expenditure. Gets me some extra bucks and supports my weekend clubbing.”

Nidhi Rawal
Miranda House, DU

“It feels good to be paid for what you are good at! I got to earn from the active followers I have at Insta.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Lokaci Influencer Program work?

Lokaci Influencer Program enables you to earn money using your social reach. Lokaci Influencer has the special eligibility to get weekly earning in exchange of the downloads through your referral code. To become Lokaci Influencer you have to register with us and join the Program.

Who qualifies for this program?

Anyone who is active and interactive can become an Influencer. Social presence in your College, Office or Society circle would do. You must have at least one of YouTube, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook account for Social Media presence. We also look at the number of followers and other engagement metrics of your social media presence.

What will I get in rewards?

You get to Earn Money on a weekly basis. Money can be received in Cash, through UPI or any other possible means the Influencer is comfortable with. Additionally, if the Program is extended for a longer duration, the participant may get LOR, Certificate of the internship. Influencers also get Goodies and discounts on the app.

What is the duration of the Program? Is there any bond or contract?

You just have to sign up with No Boundations or Contract whatsoever. Once registered, you can claim your reward any week you have worked in. You can work on alternative weeks or even one week a month. You are free to work or not work in the program. The rewards are totally based on what your influence has been in a week.

Do I have to report to the office or Is it part-time?

You don't have to report at our office. It is totally part-time and can be done whenever you feel like doing it.

Is there any influencer support where I can connect?

Yes, We are available 24x7 on +91-7303986850. Feel free to reach us on the given number.

How to get your referral code?

Referral codes are automatically generated codes.
Whenever a user signup in an app, a code is automatically generated itself. This generated code is the referral code.
In lokaci app, once the user sign up, user can go to Profile section then Refer & Section to find the referral code.

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